Grown Up S’Mores

Grown Up S’Mores!

Cookies (your preferred variety) or Graham Crackers (more traditional)
Marshmallow Creme
Nocciolota Organic Hazelnut Spread

I made these using soft sugar cookies. They would be delicious on almost any kind of cookie.

I won’t give nutritional data (for a couple reasons.) The number will widely vary based on the cookie or cracker you choose, and if you make them open face (like I did) or put a second cooking on top. The numbers will also vary based on how much marshmallow creme and Nocciolata you use. And lastly, sometimes, you just don’t want to know the numbers.

This dessert was absolutely delicious. The Nocciolatta (a more refined version of Nutella) added a wonderful chocolate-hazelnut flavor. Nocciolata has a slightly stronger hazelnut presence, and is smoother, and slightly thinner than Nutella.

Thanks to Kara McKena for sending me this delicious food to sample!

Nutella Ice Cream

Nutella Ice Cream
Serve 16 (1/2 cup portions)

Watch me prepare this on Fox11 Good Day Wisconsin.

1 pint (500ml) heavy whipping cream
2 teaspoon vanilla extract
3/4 cup (250g) Nutella, room temp
Ground hazelnuts for garnish

  1. Place mixing bowl in the freezer for several hours.
  2. Pour cream and vanilla in bowl. 
  3. Begin mixing, until the cream starts to foam.
  4. Begin adding Nutella, one spoonful at a time, mixing thoroughly after each addition.
  5. When all Nutella is mixed in, return to freezer. Two hours for soft serve, 4 or more hours for hard ice cream
  6. Top with crushed hazelnuts, toasted coconut, shaved chocolate, or instant coffee.
Nutritional data:
Calories:      330
Fat:            28.2g
Sat fat:       16.6g
Chol:          80mg
Sodium:   31.2mg
Carbs:        16.5g
Fiber:           0.8g
Protein:        2.2g
Variations in place of Nutella (I haven’t tried any of these yet):
Peanut butter
Lemon curd
Banana sauteed in butter and flamed with rum
Cream of cocunut with flaked coconum
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