I NEED Your Help!

It is official!

Based on this blog, I was asked to participate in a local Saturday morning news show (Good Day, Wisconsin) on their Cooking with You segment. It is scheduled for Saturday, August 17, 2013.

Another item from the bucket list:
Cook live before a television audience. Done!

There are two segments, each three or four minutes long. I need two different recipes. The format is pretty concise. I will quickly demonstrate the ingredients and processes (but not acutally prepare the entire recipe) and then show a finished product, which the show anchors and studio crew get to eat after the show. (Go ahead and watch a few of the recorded segments in the above link so you can see a representative example.)

I need recipes that:
Don’t involve grills.  (Darn.)
Are “relatively” easy.
Are different.
Are fun.
Are colorful (hopefully) and visually appealing (definitely.)
Are from the blog.

I can (and will) go through the blog and look at the recipes, but I might be a little too emotionally tied to the recipes. I an asking for your help.

What recipes really spoke to you?
What recipes made your mouth water, made you go out and buy the ingredients, made you go “Whoa!”
What recipes do you think are both easy enough and yet would benefit from a quick visual demo?
What recipes are different, and yet not “weird?”

If you live in Northeast Wisconsin, you will be able to watch me live on Green Bay’s Fox 11.  The first segment is at about 7:50am and the second is at 8:50am and ends the show. (The host has also offered to promote the blog.) If you don’t live locally (and why not?) I will post links to the segments as soon as the station posts them.

So, I am giving you an important assignment: 
My readers are my “test market.” You are the people that I want to connect with through the blog and on TV. You all have opinions and ideas (and I have learned enough to know that listening to others is a great way of gaining a deeper understanding.)

Please tell me your ideas of the recipes here that fit my requirements above. I’ve already received a few ideas from Andrew Carpenter (thanks for the ideas!) In the comment section below, give me one – three ideas. On Friday July 26, I will narrow the list down to three to five. Over the weekend, I will make them again (if I haven’t made them recently) and post the pictures for your final voting. Then I will use the next two weeks to practice, practice, practice.

I am excited. But I’d be lying if I also didn’t tell you that I have a few butterflies of panic fluttering in my stomach. They almost certainlay will calm as I get closer and know what I will be preparing. It is just the unknown.

So, please help!