I just wanted to show a picture of our “new” bikes. (New to us, that is.) It has been a long time since either my wife or I have ridden bikes and we did not want to spend a lot of money on something that might simply gather dust (or in the case of our first treadmill, turn into an auxiliary clothes rack.)

We picked them up at a local resale shop, paying $20 or less for each. They won’t win races, but that isn’t the point. They will get us out riding, and exercises our muscles in a different manner. That will help prevent a muscle routine from setting in and slowing our progress.

So far this week, I went for a 5.5 mile ride and 6.5 mile ride. And I have learned three things. The first is that riding a bike uses muscles differently than walking. Second, my butt gets sore after a ride!

But third, it feels great to ride around on it. I forgot how much fun I had as a kid, riding my old beat-up Schwinn. When I was growing up, we lived in a small rural-ish community. Only the main roads were paved. There was a lot of open space, trees everywhere and we all had bikes. We spent hours riding around the neighborhood. (Of course, when I got home, I ate like food was so going to be taken away. Far more than I really needed to health, which eventually got me to where I am …er, was!)

So, these bikes take me back. And I enjoy the places that they take me, literally and figuratively.

What activity could you add to your day, to help return some of the peaceful joy that so often is stripped away by daily living? Maybe it’s walking. Swimming. Go kayaking. (Sleeping would be peaceful, but that won’t help burn calories.) Take your dog out for another walk. Dig and plant a garden, the weed it weekly. Learn yoga or tai chi. Learn to dance!

If you can find an activity that helps bring essential peace and relaxation (even if it is strenuous work), you are more likely to continue that activity. And activities helps burn calories! (See? I finally brought this blog post directly back to weight loss.)

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  1. Ah bikes!

    I’m seriously considering getting a bike this spring, to do just what you’ve done… Wind flowing through the hair and the gravel flowing by underneath your feet… can’t wait! 😀

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