And He’s Off!

We just returned home from the airport. Our youngest son is traveling to Shanghai and Beijing, China with the People to People Ambassador program. We’ve been planning this since last September and today is the departure day. For the next 17 days, he will be traveling in China, experiencing places that most of us will only read about.

I’m a little jealous.

But that’s okay, because now my wife and I will finalize plans for our trip to Boston, Maine and the Ohio-Pennsylvania wine counties. We will leave in just a few short days, and drive about 5,000 miles over 12 days of traveling. Along the way, I hope to find some really good food (surprise–it’s all about the food!) and will take pictures of as many meals as possible. I will blog about the food, the experiences and everything else about this vacation. (Hopefully, the blog posts will also include pictures of whales while we are whale watching in Maine, of me fishing for mackerel and the vineyards that we visit.)

Keep watching here for more recipes and details of our adventure!