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MYST 77 Trevitorial: Breaking Your Comfort Zone

Hibiscus, Blue Mountain Background

I’ve never been on a mission trip of any sort. Here I am leading 10 nursing students to Hagley Gap, St. Thomas Parish, Jamaica on a service learning experience where we walked the hills–mountains–and provided cares to villagers unable to

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MYST 76 Trevitorial: What’s Stopping You?

This is just a short episode today. While you are listening to this, I am working in a small village, up the Blue Mountain in Jamaica. The village is Hagley Gap, and I am one the leader who are with

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MYST 75 Trevitorial: Become Your Best Self, Starting NOW!

So what does the title mean? Are you your best right now? How many listeners believe they are their best self, right now? Let’s change the question: How many here believe they are better than they were a year ago? That’s a better

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