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MYST 74 Trevitorial: Release Control and Succeed!

Are you a perfectionist? Do you need to control everything? Do you become upset when your plan go off-course? I will share my experiences, and lay open a side of my personality that few people see now, but one that

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MYST 73 Trevitorial: Mistakes are Good!

We all make mistakes. It is one characteristic of being human. But mistakes are not always bad. In fact, if you follow these four simple steps, you can turn a mistake, an obstacle preventing you from making progress to your

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MYST 72 Listener Question: Weight Loss Supplements

Dan, a Varsity Squad member from Palm Beach, Florida asked a question (via the MYST Speakpipe system) about which supplements (protein, vitamins or other) should be used for weight loss. I have my answers. But please note: my answers are

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MYST 71 Trevitorial: Is Your Goal Achievable?

The opening segment is from MYST 67 Trevitorial: Are Your Goals Dumb? NPR and their podcast TED Radio Hour can be found here. The specific show that I referenced in this Trevitorial is from November 26, 2014, and it is

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