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MYST 35 Booster: Avoid a Meltdown!

  Bill N0wicki’s Submarine Sea Stories podcast can be found on iTunes and Stitcher. John Lee Dumas will be my guest on MYST 36. You can find his show, Entrepreneur on Fire, here. Music by Jason Shaw, courtesy of

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MYST 34 Bill Nowicki: From Ice Cream Scoop to Cold War Nuke

You can find Bill’s podcast Submarine Sea Stories on iTune and Stitcher. Here is a link to his show on iTunes. When you listen, please go back and give him a rating and review! Some links that Bill mentioned: His

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MYST 33 Booster: Believe!

Kimanzi’s website, where you can find his information, products, services and books. Kimanzi’s “Work Hard, Play Hard” summit, being help in Hawaii! Here is the school of podcasting that gave me my podcasting skills. It took me from knowing nothing,

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MYST 32 Kimianzi Constable: How to Lose 160 Pounds and Sell 80K Books!

Kimanzi Consstable is a former bread delivery man, who authored several books as was able to quit the midnight deliverys and become his calling: an author and motivational speaker who no longer lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but rather one of

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MYST 31 Booster: Be Regular But Act Extraordinary!

Almost everyone is a “regular” person. But some people are “extraordinary.” Kara Counard is regular, too, but she acts “as if” she is actually “extraordinary.” We can all act “as if” we are successful and extraordinary. It is a choice.

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MYST 30 Kara Counard: 101 Women Changed Her Life

Kara never sits still. She was working as a bartender, a Starbucks barrista, an appraisal service, a figure model for several art schools, and was a free-lance graphic design artist, all at the same time. Photography was not part of

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MYST 29 Booster: Never Quit!

It’s not always the person who was naturally gifted who wins. It’s not always the person with the best tools. Sometimes it is the person who refuses to quit, who faces the challenges and never surrenders. But you also need

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MYST 28 Kelly Bucheger: Quirky, Persistent, and a Gnocchi Expert

The old joke goes: A teenager gets off the train in New York City, and as he leaves the station carrying his violin, he spots a police officer. Walking up to him, he asks, “How do I get to Carnegie

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MYST 27 Booster: What Haven’t You Tried Yet?

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again! And then, if you still don’t succeed, then what? Do you keep trying the same thing? I hope not. If it didn’t work the first three times, why do you think

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