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MYST 26: Jon Turnbull, Determination with Italian Beef

Jon Turnbull took charge of his life and, using LoseIt! he has lost 120 pounds (54.5Kg). A few of the places that we talked about: Jay’s Beef  (Jon’s favorite Italian Beef in the Chicago area) Portillo’s Hot Dogs (My favorite

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MYST 25 Booster: How to Get What You Want and Need

How to Get What You Want and Need DECIDE your goal. Make your goal a GOOD goal. PURSUE and PERSIST. Be POLITE. There. Now you don’t really need to listen to the show. But I hope you do. _________________________________________________________ A

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MYST 24: Leah Weintraub: A Smiley Face and Challah Bread

Leah is a magazine publisher from Florida who is also preparing to launch a podcast of her own. She has also worked hard as a fundraiser for various Zionist organizations, and in 1994, she had a crazy idea for a

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MYST 23 Booster: Who Is In Your Corner?

  Who is in your corner? Who helps you when you are stumbling? Do you have people? Listen to hear the four simple steps at creating a powerful support system! I mentioned Meron Bareket’s Podcast Bootcamp. Here is a link

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MYST 22: Ilias Diamantis: A Smile and Pastistio!

Ilias is a good friend of mine, who I met in Meron Bareket’s Podcast Incubator Bootcamp (in the beta test version.) He, like I am, is creating a podcast to help others in his region be more successful in their

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MYST 21 Booster: Get Uncomfortable

We all want to be comfortable. We want nice homes, nice cars and a good job with benefits. We want the security if a retirement plan, and the knowledge that our future days will be similar to our past days.

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MYST 20: Scott Wilson: Engineer, Beating Fear and Still a Loser?

Scott Wilson is an electrical and telecommunication engineer for a large nuclear powerplant in Ontario, Canada. I met through LoseIt! Scott is an active member, helping others continue on their weight loss journey. Scott is an enthusiastic guy, busy with

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I NEED Your Help! (Updated!)


A podcast in iTunes is allowed eight weeks, just 56 days, to be potentially featured in the “New and Noteworthy (N&N)” category. I have long since passed out of that time frame. I am in my last days of being

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MYST 19 Booster: Pull the Trigger

Before you can accomplish anything, you need a plan. It doesn’t need to be finely detailed, but you need to know where you are going. But a plan does nothing until you actually take a step forward. Pull the trigger!

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MYST 18 Michelle Talbert: The Golden Voice of Online Dating Reveals All

  Michelle Talbert is a Washington, DC-based attorney who is living her calling, not in the courtroom or corporate office, but as co-author of an Amazon best-selling book and co-creator/producer of a radio show and podcast. Her niche? The world

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