Month: May 2012

First Day

My “suite”. I was worried about rain sneaking in the tent under the tiny rain fly so I covered the tent with the tarp. It worked! No rain in the tent. Of course, that’s because the predicted rain was all

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First Leg Complete

Very briefly. my tent is up and I am crashing. 13.4 miles in less than 4.5 hours. According to my Fitbit, that is 27,912 steps.  840 feet of elevation increases.  Very tired. No food pics, because I didn’t make anything

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It Begins Today

I will hit the trailhead at about 3:30pm today.  Today is a short day, only about 12.5 miles, so I will reach my stopping point at about 7:30pm.  Tomorrow is the longest leg, almost 30 miles and hope to be on the

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Pork Steak with Basil Pesto and Mozzarella

Pork Steak with Basil Pesto and Mozzarella, with Grilled Baby CarrotsServes 4 Pork2 pounds pork chops or pork shoulder steaks (four pieces)4 egg whites2 tablespoons water1 cup flour with the seasoning of your choice (I used 1/2 teaspoon Penzey’s Sunny

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No Recipe In This Post

I am planning a hike of the Mountain-Bay Trail (in case no one has been reading my other blog posts about it.) Today was a test walk, with my fully loaded pack, on a local trail, the Devil’s River State Trail.

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Baked Salmon with Tomatillo Salsa and Spinach-Strawberry Salad

Baked Salmon and Fresh Red Onion-Tomatillo SalsaServe 4 Salmon1 pound salmon fillets (4 pieces)Spice blend (Penzey’s Sunny Paris works very well) 1.  Preheat oven to 375F  2.  Place salmon in a baking dish. Season.  Bake until done (approximately 16-18 minutes.)3.  Top

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Ideas Can Come From Anywhere

You never know where the next idea and inspiration will come from, which is why I am always looking in books and magazines, and keeping an ear to the radio and TV. About a week ago, I was at the hospital,

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Ultra-Thin Crust Veggie Pizza

“Ultra-Thin” Crust Veggie PizzaMake 3 portions (1/3 of the pizza) 1 Ultra-thin whole wheat pizza crust1 tablespoon olive oil2-3 cloves garlic, crushed and minced1 teaspoon Italian spice blend  (I used Penzey’s Tuscan Sunset.)2 ounces finely shredded mozzarella cheese 1.  Mix

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Chicken Thighs with Chimmichurri Sauce

Grilled Chicken Thighs with Chimichurri Sauce and Grilled VegetablesServe 48 Chicken thighs, boneless/skinless (each are about 3 ounces)1 tablespoon canola or olive oilYour preferred seasoning (I used Penzey’s Bouquet Garni) 1.  Place chicken thighs on a platter.  Rub oil over both

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Chicken Scaloppine with Pan-Roasted Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes

In case you are wondering the meaning of scaloppine, it generally refers to very thin slice of meat (usually veal or chicken), dredged in flour, sauteed and served with a sauce. This recipe uses whole chicken breasts that I pounded

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