Month: April 2012

Not Every Meal Needs to be Difficult …

… but hopefully every meal is delicious. This morning I made a very simple meal, using my 5 quart slow cooker. I won’t give a specific recipe, because you can vary to fit your tastes this almost infinitely. I lined the slow

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So What Does Everyone Else Eat?

The meals in this blog are generally evening meals, our family dinner. Assuming our 16 year old son is at home (not always the case), we all eat the same thing. Breakfasts are a different matter. I like eat a

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The best laid plans …

Yesterday was the final beerfest of the season. My wife and I attended and poured beers that my Brewing Science students made on March 3. The event went very well. In one respect, it was MUCH better than the brewfest in

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